• Enter this phase fully empowered, knowing how to best nourish yourself + baby through your first two years together.

  • Get mom-friendly remedies for mastitis, cracked nipples, PPD/PPA, insomnia and more.

  • Get baby-friendly remedies for diaper rash, eczema, colic, reflux, constipation and more.

  • Maintain your breastfeeding supply and feed your baby the most nutrient-dense breast milk with our best kept nursing tips.

What's Inside

    1. Now Hibernate

    2. The Early Days

    1. This First Section is for You!

    2. Nutrient Dense for Postpartum

    3. Postpartum Nutritional Needs

    4. Daily Supplements for Mom

    5. Highest Grade Supplements

    6. You Need a Protein Boost!

    7. Nursing Difficulties

    8. Meeting Mom's Needs

    9. Support for PPA + PPD

    1. Recipes for the Early Days

    2. Recipes for Creamtop + Golden Milk

    3. Recipes for Cold Care

    4. Recipes for Adrenal Fatigue

    1. First Year of Baby's Life

    2. Daily Supplements for Baby

    3. Feeding Baby

    4. Don't Miss Baby's Cues!

    5. Concerns with Baby

    6. One of the Sadder Things

    7. Baby's First Solids

    8. How To on Solids

    9. Tummy Troubles

    10. Sensitive Skin

    11. Non Toxic With a Little One

    1. Recipes for 5-6 months

    2. Recipes for 6+ months

    3. Recipes for 9-12 months

    4. Recipes for 1 Year

    1. Now the Marathon Begins

    2. Rebuilding Mom

    3. Adrenal Fatigue

    4. Taking Care of Those Adrenals

    5. You've Entered Depleted

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You never get back this precious time, so give your + baby the nutritional care you both deserve.