• Know exactly what's happening as your womb expands, and learn how to support your baby's growth and development.

  • Get our nutritional protocols for healthy weight gain, dealing with morning sickness, constipation, cravings, fatigue, anemia, muscle cramps, heartburn and more.

  • During pregnancy, your nutritional demands are much higher. Refer to our Daily Nutritional Needs Checklist to stay on track.

  • Prepare your birth canal with good bacteria in order to give baby the best chance at having optimal gut flora.

What's Inside

    1. Congratulations You're Pregnant!

    2. Nutrient Dense for Pregnancy

    3. Daily Nutritional Needs

    4. Daily Prenatal Supplements

    5. Keeping Your Cord Blood Clean

    6. Lifestyle and Wellness Tips

    7. Safe Cold Care

    1. A Day in the Life

    2. Double Protein Boost

    3. Cool Mint Smoothie

    4. Everyday Dressing

    5. Curry Chicken Salad

    6. Belly Bowls

    7. Pumpkin Cacao Chili

    1. You are Here!

    2. First Trimester Ailments

    3. Morning Sickness

    4. Resolving Constipation

    1. It's Time to Glide

    2. Second Trimester Check In

    3. Eating To Appetite

    1. You Made It!

    2. Third Trimester Concerns

    3. Gestational Diabetes Mellitus

    4. Let's Remove the Fear - GDM

    5. Inoculating Your Vaginal Canal

    6. Preparing Vaginal Canal for Baby

    1. Meeting Mom + Baby's Needs

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Ready. Set. Go. No matter what trimester you are in, now is the time to start.