Taking a Deeper Look

Why test? Because it takes the guess work out of what might be affecting your health.

Tests We Offer

  • Organic Acids

    The Organic Acid test is a urine test looking at 74 different metabolites that indicate deficiencies or other imbalances that directly hinder you or your littles health.

  • Comprehensive Stool Analysis

    This helps us spot yeast overgrowth, bad bacteria, pathogens, parasites, maldigestion, indigestion and inflammation. If you have GI issues, this test is for you.

  • IgG Food Map

    This looks at 190 foods, along with candida + yeast. Immunoglobulin G is part of your immune system. When this responds to a particular food, it creates inflammation.

  • Comprehensive Hormone Panel

    Designed specifically for her—targeting adrenal issues and hormone imbalances—this test looks at your cortisol pattern over 4 points throughout the day.

  • Omega 3 Index

    Studies show people with higher omega-3 index levels are at decreased risk for a variety of diseases—including heart disease, stroke, dementia, and depression.

  • Vitamin D

    The Vitamin D Test can help to determine if your sun exposure is adequate, if dietary Vitamin D is sufficient, and assess the likelihood of malabsorption or liver disease.

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