• It can feel exciting and terrifying all at the same time when you find out there's not just one heartbeat but two. But not to worry, we're here to address each of your reasonable fears and replace them with confident joy.

  • You'll come away understanding the incredible nutritional demand that twins place on your body, along with common concerns that arise from carrying multiples.

  • Let us teach you how to best support the developement and growth of each baby in your womb with optimal nutritional supplements and diet.

  • Since it's not over at birth, you'll want to know how to meet the further nutritional demand of breastfeeding two babies. Yes, this requires more daily nutrition than even pregnancy does. You can do this!, so long as you know what it takes.

What's Inside

    1. There's Two!

    1. Nutrition for Twins

    2. Nutrient Dense for Twins

    3. Twins Daily Nutritional Needs

    4. Daily Prenatals for Twins

    1. Eating with Twins Inside

    2. Endless Array of Snacks

    1. The Saga Continues

    1. Nutrition for Nursing

    2. Nutrient Dense for Nursing Twins

    3. Twins Daily Nutritional Needs

About this course

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  • 11 lessons

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“I loved using the prenatal package with my twin pregnancy! The recipes are delicious and practical. I felt well, nourished, and confident I was doing the best I could. It worked because I had a perfect home birth at 38 weeks! I am loving the new add on for breastfeeding my twins as well! ”

Nicole T.

Our goal is the same as yours. Let's do whatever it takes to give your twins the best start to life.