• Made for women who are finished childbearing, and ready to welcome the healthiest, most radiant version of themselves.

  • Boost your confidence with our protocols for adrenal fatigue, hormonal balancing, nervousness, depression, sleep issues and weight concerns.

  • Support your body through normal hormonal changes, and learn why adrenals are so critical to optimal health.

  • Prepare your body to soar through perimenopausal + menopausal times.

What's Inside

    1. What is a Well Woman?

    1. Nutrient Dense for Her

    2. She Likes It Sweet Too

    3. Making the Swap

    4. When You're Out + About

    5. What She Eats in a Day

    1. Coffee + Coco

    2. Skinny Smoothies

    3. Quick + Easy Meals

    4. Not Your Average Treats

    1. Daily Supplements for Her

    2. Wish We Could Get it All Through Food

    3. Adrenals for the Win

    4. Your Adrenals are Tired

    5. Hormonal Havoc

    6. Female Brain Gone Insane

    7. Keeping Her Joy

    8. Getting Her Gut Well

    9. Pretty Central to Your Entire Health

    10. Losing those Last Lb's

    11. It's Acceptable to Want to be a Healthy Weight!

    1. She Detoxes

    2. Do it Well Ladies

    3. Keeping Toxins Out

    4. Clean + Beautiful

    5. Her Home

About this course

  • $199.99
  • 26 lessons

Congrats on a job well done, you made your babies. Now it’s time to start taking care of you.