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Nutrition Packages for your Perinatal Years

Our online nutrition 'packages' contain lifetime access to teaching videos, handouts, meal plans, checklists, recipes, protocols + more!

Preconception Package

For everyone who wants to conceive in the next few years or has been trying without success. This package is packed with all the information you need to best support both him + her before entering into such sacred time, giving you both the best chance at pregnancy + an extraordinarily healthy baby!


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Prenatal Package

  • Walk away knowing the changes that are happening within as baby grows and your womb expands. 

  • Know how to support baby's growth and development.

  • Let us teach you how pregnancy is unlike any other time, and why your nutritional demands are much higher. 

  • Feel confident with our nutritional protocols for morning sickness, constipation, healthy weight gain, cravings, fatigue, anemia, cramping, low fluid, heartburn/reflux, gestational diabetes and step b. 

  • Get access to our top 10 lifestyle and wellness tips for pregnancy. 

  • Refer back to your nutritional needs checklist daily, making sure you are keeping up with the high demands of pregnancy.

  • Enjoy our favorite recipes for such a sacred time and know exactly what nailing a day should look like with our meal plan.

  • Tried + True Supplement Handout for the highest quality prenatal and other supplemental needs.


Postpartum Package

  • Walk away empoweredknowing how to best nourish yourself and baby through your first two years together.

  • Understand the changes that are going on in your body after baby is born; giving yourself freedom to say no when needed so you can yes to you + your littles health.

  • Learn how to nutritionally support your body throughPPD/PPA, insomnia, weakened immune system + cold sores.

  • Get access to our best kept 'Breastauraunt' tips to keep up the good service for a ever demanding customer ;)

  • Have remedies to help heal mastitis, cracked nipples, and the perineum for mom; diaper rash, colic/reflux, cold care and tummy troubles for the little one.  

  • Baby's First Solids, what to introduce + when, along with recipes for every stage.

  • Adrenal Fatigue dietary and lifestyle recommendations to get those adrenals and you back! Plus tips for returning to pre-baby weight.

  • Tried + True Supplement Handouts for mom + baby. 


Pre + Postpartum Bundle

Save when you buy both the Prenatal + Postpartum Package together. All the content from both packages, in one place, for a fraction of the price.


Our packages are so much more than book knowledge, the protocols + wisdom we share have helped 100s of women thrive in pregnancy and postpartum. Let us help you!